Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aleah's Mermaid

Aleah made a mermaid out of stuffing and fabric. She is SO talented, ans artist. Love my pretty girl so much. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Policemen Kyle & Brett

Kyle made a police car, a gun and tazer. The police car lights up with red and blue lights. This kid is a genius! I told him to invent the folding machine. He said 'mom i would charge $100 bucks for a folding machine." I said that's cheap charging people only 100.  He said, "oh no...I would charge YOU $100 and everyone else a lot more than that!" I said NO you will give me one for free funny boy!"

Brett cleaned Shane's car and...

While doing so, found a Christmas ornament to hang. He was so excited to show daddy how nice the car looked with that ornament. The kid is brimming with cuteness. I can't get over how cute his personality is!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Caught reading!

It is so cute to see Braden read to his little baby brother. I cherish these moments and I'm sure they do, too!

Snow in Las Cruces in February

I am late posting but we did get snow this year and it was pretty
Kyle, Boston, Rendon, Braden, Aleah

Valentine's Day fun!!

We had a Valentine's Day party and it was VERY fun!! I also took some video of games we played. We did homemade valentines cookies, Valentine's crafts, games outside and the kids just had a ball! They each gave each other valentines gifts at the end. Picutured are the Young kids, Parks kids, the Griffiths and Ross boys! And of course I had fun gabbing with my friends. We probably talked for 5 hours. We are always busy but when we get together...well we don't shut up! ha

Book Report Day!

After Braden reads a book, he takes an examination (that will prepare him for SAT/ACT's, does vocab definitions and presents a book report. Boston also read the book so Braden and Boston presented it together. We had a special guest--daddy, the pricinpal! Braden did great!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brett's 4th b-day Jan. 5, 2015

For some reason blogspot isn't cooperating. It's making me retrieve pictures one by one instead of check marking a bunch. So now the pictures are all out of order. Can't believe this little man is 4 already! Brett brings so much fun and joy to this family!! Words cannot describe how much we love him. He is a good boy, very sweet with lots of charisma and character. He is 4 going on 8yrs old. He hardly ever gets down about anything. He is all smiles, jokes and fun. He is very caring and easy. Happy birthday to this little stud!!

Him and his buddy, Brady Ross
Ticket blaster!!