Monday, July 26, 2010

A little bit of everything

I'm getting emails from people saying their leaving comments but that it won't go through. I don't know why that is happening but will try to figure it out sometime later this week.
What's new around here?
Things are going good with Shane at work and he continues to grow his Agency. Friday night I was invited to have dinner with him and a new re-cruit and his wife. I'm always impressed with how he handles those interviews. He makes it look so easy!
Today is a great day for us. We finally hit two provident living goals we've been working towards for quite some time now. It's exciting and a relief to finally realize those dreams.
I've been slowly acquiring extra survival and camping supplies, planning food storage menus and going to the cannery every month to stock up on food storage.  When I'm not able to go, my ward friends pick up and drop off my orders for me. We have wonderful support and unity in our ward.
Little Addie has been running around with the 'big kids' a lot more recently. They all have loads of fun together. She is so well-behaved. She never talks back or gives me dirty looks. She is always happy to see me and give me hugs. She doesn't fight with any of her siblings & even has an ability to diffuse a tense situation just by cooing. It's so nice to have such a sweet baby around!
Kyle is drawing and coloring very well and loves to build creative buildings and towers using plastic cups. Both he and Braden love to go with dad shooting in the desert.  Kyle loves learning the gospel, particularly the stories in the Book of Mormon. He wants to be just like Nephi. I couldn't be happier with that goal! Kyle and I love to watch the Book of Mormon stories together on video. His favorite is "Journey to the Promised Land." The other day he was amazed at Nephi's "superpowers," and asked if he could have power like that. It was a perfect teaching opportunity about the power of the Priesthood and guidance of the Holy Ghost.
Braden has been growning quite a bit over the summer. He's already lost one tooth and there are three others that are starting to get loose. He still loves helping around the house, writing notes and drawing/coloring pictures. He does an amazing job at it. After church yesterday he surprised us (again) and set the dinner table. He keeps a close  eye on everyone and helps me take care of things.
Little Miss Aleah is still attached to that baba. I shouldn't have waited so long to help her kick the habit but I'm promising myself that by her birthday that process will begin immediately! She loves to play with her brothers and just be silly. She is a greater little helper around the house when she wants to be. She is a 'daddys girl' all the way. When he comes home she beams with excitement and follows him wherever he goes. 
Well, we've got a few birthdays coming up pretty soon but other than that, I guess we've just been doing a little bit of everything!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Tooth Fairy came!

Braden finally lost his first tooth yesterday while eating lunch and the Tooth Fairy came for it last night!