Sunday, April 7, 2013

Addy time!

Last wed. I spent the entire day with Addy. No cell phone, no siblings to battle for attention, no housework or responsibilities to do. It was just me and addy together and boy did we have a blast! After dropping Aleah and Brett off at Maria Perkins at 7:30am. We watched Barbie in our pjs. Then got ready for the day. I dressed her up in whatever she wanted to wear and painted her nails. She was bouncing off the walls with excitement to spend the day with just mama and knowing there was fun and surprises to come.:) Then we had a picnic in the backyard and enjoyed blueberry smoothies together. She picked a pretty yellow dandelion and gave it to me. It was so sweet and special to me! Then we went inside and pretended to make a cake (with her toys). That was so fun! She wanted me to watch her jump off her bed, so i watched her do that for awhile. My girl can jump! Then we decided to go to joann fabrics to get some weaving materials so that we could weave something together. They didnt have the items we needed so instead we went to Barnes and Noble bookstore together. I read many stories to her. We looked at all the stuffed animals and fun books and games together. I bought her a pink cupcake (to go with "pinkalicious," a book we read together.) I surprised her with a new princess dress. She was so SO happy and it was one of the best days of our lives. We both will never forget it!! At 2:30 we picked up the boys and they tagged along with us but i told them that it was addys day today and they were really good about respecting that. Addy and i skipped whever we would go outside. We went home and she talked to me while i prepared dinner. Dinner was ready and we picked up the other kids from marias At 5:30. Addy is such a sweet little thing! She is the cutest baby girl in the world with a precious little personality. I love her so dearly!!! She is my little princess. I've decided to do this with one child once a month, maybe even more. These will be times I cherish!

Zoo/Carlsbad caverns

Here are some pictures we took of the El Paso zoo and Carlsbad caverns. At the caverns they take you on an elevator down 750 feet into the ground!