Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lisa's new music video

My sis choreographed a funny music video for her nursing class--her boyfriend cheats on her so she finds someone else. Her ex gets mad, he's a controlling manipulative loser who eventually gets beat up. She gets hurt(her friend and relief society prez performs CPR on her) but in the end she emerges unscathed and ends up with the guy of her dreams. The end of the video she's with a guy who she is getting very serious with (Ivan Murray) in real life, ha. Like all music videos its a little abstract but she demonstrated an external self care deficit  she received a standing ovation for this and the dean was there. Guess that's a good thing!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New chore chart

The summer brought a lazy unruly type attitude in the kids, and their old chore list wasn't working anymore. For 3 days I've been creating and fine tuning a brand new chore chart. The old one of giving them money for their piggy bank wasn't working. Ii got my life back!! Lol You know the one when I only worked early in the morning for about 2 hrs getting (instead of the whole day)!

For each chore they do, they get a ticket. After 50 tickets they get to go to a movie at the theatre. 45 they get an ice cream cone or buy something at the dollar store, after 20 they get 30 minutes free time to play on the iPad, etc. 

I also made a 'mind your manners' chart. If they do something on that chart, they lose a ticket or tickets. If you lie you lose 5 tickets!! That's almost half their chores for one day! I never would have guessed this would work so well. Now they pause and tell the truth. 

Then there are daily rotating chores like setting the table, sweeping, vacuuming clearing the table, etc.