Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birth Story

I started having contractions around 10pm on Tuesday Jan 4th (1 week from my due date). Shane booked the earliest flight he could find for Melody, my midwife in Utah. We went to bed around 1:00 am. At 2:50am my water broke. Contractions immediately picked up and by 4am I told Shane that Melody wasn't going to make it in time and that we needed to head to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital the nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 5. The midwife on duty at the hospital called the doctor and he eventually came in and while I was experiencing one of those oh so fun contractions told us that since my first birth was cesarean, and that they had no documentation of the scar on my uterus, and that they didn't know us at all that he couldn't support a vaginal delivery. The fact that I had already had 3 vaginal deliveries since my c-section didn't matter to him because he couldn't review my medical records from that c-section. Also, he mentioned this placed me at a risk of between 2 and 4% for uterine rupture and every other horrible possible ending. We were a little freaked out but also knew exactly where I was at and how close I was to a normal delivery. We were very apprehensive about just agreeing to the c-section with this understanding and knowledge. Also, Shane picked up right away on the fact that the Dr. was really allowing us to stall him out to see if I would go ahead and deliver the baby soon. As soon as the doctor left the room the first time Shane whispered to me, "I think they know you're going to have this baby soon and are stalling for us. But that it wouldn't go on for very long especially if I didn't progress quickly. He told me that he would do all the talking with the Dr. and drag this out as long as possible. All I was to do was focus on getting this baby here! I agreed that I wouldn't say a word.

Since this is our 5th birth, we felt confident that everything was going along as it should thanks to everything we have learned from our experienced and amazing midwife, Melody. Over the next hour and half or so Shane handled the doctor like a champ! The doctor would say something like, "i don't know where she was cut so she could end up having a uterine rupture. Can't take the chance." And Shane would say, "Yes sir, I understand. I appreciate your expertise. We don't want to take any chances either. Let me call my sister in law and see if she can locate the medical records in our files so you can review them and make that determination. We can have the records here for you soon". He then got right on the phone with Lisa. They had exchanges like this back and forth. Each time the Dr.'s patience was wearing more thin. However, he appreciated Shane's respect and my smiling cooperative responses. Though I was actually reeling in pain and wanted to punch his lights out because he refused to give me any pain medication to take the edge off. :)

At about 6:30am the nurse checked me and said I was dilated to an 8, the doctor double checked and said 7. I knew I was at an 8 going on 9 just based on the contractions and pain level. Then the doctor checked me again and said I was still at a 7 and due to not progressing he would prep for the c-section, ...I felt as though I was at a 10 and ready to push. Shane politely told the Dr. that "at this time we would not agree to the c-section. The Dr. said, "Well then you don't have a provider". Shane said, " I understand, we will make other arrangements for this delivery". Dr. said, "I don't think you understand what I'm saying to you", Shane cut him off and said, "No, I DO understand what you're saying, but I feel YOU don't understand what I'm saying. If you're telling me you're no longer our provider then I'm telling you that that's fine with us. But why are you still here?" He looked at Shane with complete stupor of thought and had literally no words. But he did not leave the room. I closed my eyes and envisioned Melody smiling and encouraging me to start pushing. I pushed once which threw me immediately into a long, hard excruciatingly painful contraction. I announced, the baby is coming!!! His head crowned. And on the very next contraction I barred down again and pushed. Suddenly the whole baby slipped out in one shot. Shane was to my left watching me with one hand in the middle of my back applying pressure and his other hand on my knee applying pressure. To his complete awe, surprise, and relief he saw the baby coming out and yelled, "BABY!!!" The doctor was standing at the foot of the bed and not paying real close attention to the right area if you know what I mean. The bed table was between him and the end of the bed and me. He was barely able to get it out of the way in time to swoop in there and catch the baby as he slid out! He had the most surprised look on his face that I have ever seen from anyone ever! He did not even have his surgical gloves on yet and had no time to do so. He really did not believe I was ready to deliver the baby so soon!

Shane said that suddenly about 8 people appeared out of nowhere and went immediately to work. The Dr. clamped the cord and handed Shane the scissors without one word. Shane took the scissors and did the deed and said, "Thank you Dr. Ortiz, I appreciate your patience with us". He responded quietly and slowly, "uh.... huh....."

A beautiful baby boy was born at 6:48am, weighing 6 lbs 5.5 ounces and was 19 3/4 in. long! Shane and I both feel so blessed and know that we were guided by the Lord in this delivery. We express our thankfulness to Him and know that me and the baby were watched over by angels at this time to ensure our safety and protection. Of that we have a sure knowledge.

We also express gratitude to our longtime midwife and friend, Melody. Without her passing onto us a sliver of her knowledge we don't know where we would be at this time. Thank you so much! You are a true earthly angel Melody!

P.S. The head midwife at the hospital visited me this morning and told me that at their morning meeting my birth was brought up. I told her I thought the doctor was a jerk but asked if he was stalling the c-section? She said, "YES, he WAS! Everyone could see the baby was coming and wanted you to have a VBAC. She came over and gave me a high-five and congratulated me.

I wasn't expecting that and so I am just grateful to Dr. Ortiz and the nurses for allowing me to VBAC even though they didn't know us or have any records of my first c-section. For that we are thankful.

Baby is doing great, nursing well and I don't FEEL like I just had a baby. It just feels like I did the long jump and landed on my bottom. Maybe not even that. I give all the credit to the Lord for a short and sweet labor and delivery. He must have a little compassion for me with 5 toddlers! :)

 We were a real team! I focused on breathing properly and staying sane through the pain. Through every contraction Shane applied counter-pressure to my back and knees and coached me through breathing.

 Going home...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pregnancy Picture

Here's what I looked like about a week before delivery!

Happy New Year's!

Lisa got to come down and celebrate Christmas and New Year's with us and stay until I had my baby! Hallelujah!! I couldn't ask for a better sister. She's wonderful.

Kyle put on a magic show for us, he was all prepared!

Aleah put on a Dance show!

Christmas 2010

Christmas was special this year!

We bought a real tree and put it in the parlor room. It was nice having a "Christmas room" to decorate. The kids received many neat presents from Santa this year!

Addie is 18 months old!

Addison has a cute playful personality!