Friday, June 17, 2011

Brett and Kids

My mom called me today and asked if i would 'please' update my blog so here is the latest! Below are pictures of my Aunt Lisa's wedding (mothers half sister) and also of grandpa. They aren't my favorite but we just got a new MAC computer and so this is all i have on it.

Shane is doing really well and becoming more settled in his job. He's proven himself over the last few years and built up his Agency at the level he wanted so he has been able to relax a lot more and has flexibility with his time and schedule. For instance this week he's been home during the day playing t-ball with the boys in our backyard and all sorts of things. Shane was just released a couple weeks ago as ward clerk and was called to be elders quorum President. He has lost about 20 lbs of weight by eating less and staying away from juice and carbonated drinks. He also plays basketball a couple times a week early in the morning. We have had some neat missionary experiences lately. We met a girl about our age at the gas station- her car broke down so we helped her and invited her to come to church. She is coming this Sunday with her kids and niece! We've given out a couple book of mormons and had missionary discussions at our house. We love our life in Las Cruces and feel blessed to be here.

Just as Shane is losing weight, i have gained about 5 to 10 lbs. :) I'm just keeping up with everyone schedules. Brett is still nursing and that takes up a lot of time. I enjoy going to Braden and Kyle's t-ball games, and having swim parties over at our house. Now that i am not pregnant, I have been spending more time with friends, cooking, reading and keeping up with what is going on with our country and abroad.I finished getting a 2 year food storage supply, water supply and emergency packs for all of us. I started in 2008 so it has been slow going. It takes time to build up.  Last year I planted 12 fruit trees and they are blooming very well this year. One of my pear trees already has baby pears on it. By next summer/fall if all goes well and drought doesn't disrupt, we should have a mini fruit orchard. And then this spring i planted a vegetable garden and 26 different herbs in pots, which i've been cutting and drying. Shane built a fence around the garden so that the kids and rabbits can't get in.

Brett is 5 months old now. He has the sweetest, cutest most playful little personality. He is always smiling and just makes everyones heart melt. He is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth now. And last night he crawled one step forward! All the kids love him. He likes watching Addie play and wants to do the things she does, yesterday he started copying her scream. yikes.

Addy is talking a lot now and loves reading books. She gets excited about everything. I love holding her, she's easy to carry. She has a naturally sweet personality but she can be fiesty to! She loves wearing hats and carrying her purse.

Aleah is going through a little rebellious phase. She has cut Addy's hair twice now so I finally had to take all scissors away! Other than that, she just loves swimming in our kitty pools and the slip n' slide. She also loves to draw, color and read books. She's one smart little cookie!

Kyle is no longer wearing spiderman costumes, his magician get-up or anything. He likes wearing regular pants in 100 degree weather. I just laugh as i type this thinking about him. He's a big help with Brett when i need him and a good help around the house. He can fold my laundry for me now. Lately he has been bossing Addie and Aleah around.  He is getting the hang of t-ball, loves swimming in the pool and playing on the slip n' slide. He's been doing a lot of coloring, drawing skeletons and as usual loves to laugh. He just lost his first tooth this week! Braden and Kyle love having their buddies over to play quite often.

Braden has lost five teeth. His last tooth hung around for awhile so finally Shane sat him down and said, "that gnarly old tooth has to go. What do ya say we pull it?" Braden fought it at first but got brave and let Shane pull it. And for doing that he got to go to the market by himself and pick out a treat. The toothfairy gave him extra cash as well. He is doing well in coach pitch t-ball. He also enjoys playing in the pool and slip n' slide.   
P.S. I just wanted to add that in school last year he got "Best Artist" award for his drawing abilities. And this year he got "Most Organized." The teacher used him as her right hand man so he did the roll, helped her organize things and would always keep his own table organized (usually 4 or 5 kids to a table). 

                                                                             BABY BRETT

                                          Aunt Lisa and Grandpa...touching moment before the ceremony

                                            Lisa is so beautiful inside and out
                                             We put Brett in his blessing outfit. It came with a cute hat but you can't tell in the picture
                                            Danny, Grandpa and Lisa
                                            Me and the girls swimming at the hotel
                                              Braden boy
                                               Aleah and Addie