Thursday, October 25, 2012

panda bear cake

My friend Yvonne is throwing a baby shower for another friend in our ward that is inactive. Her baby room's theme is panda bears so I'm made a panda bear cake for her. I love making cakes. Woke up at 6am this morning dreaming of decorating cakes for a living. Envisioned what my store would look like and then, there it was--the sound of a baby crying. I realized that I already had my life work cut out for me... for now!:)

I made two cakes, one GLUTEN-FREE and the other regular. The gluten free cake(pictured below) is delicious. I put in a secret ingredient to give it a special kick. Shane had a taste and with his jaw agape said, "you're lying this isn't gluten free." I said, "I know, am I good or what." He said, "Or what," while stuffing a 1/2 pound of cake into his mouth.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lorena & her two sons come back to church

Lorena Herrera-LEFT

 Wanted to share a missionary experience we had 2 yrs ago. One that we will always treasure. Around the time Brett was born we were on 8am church schedule and I hadn't cooked meat the night before. So after church we went home and changed. We were all starving and Shane decided he was craving something w/green chili so we went to picquik(gas station). Since it was the Sabbath, and we never eat out or shop on the sabbath, it made this experience all the more interesting.

 Short version: We walk out of picquik with burritos in hand. We spot a girl trying to start her car. We offer to help. She says yes. Shane spends 45 min fix car. Car still won't start. I pray to get courage to invite her to church. We offer to bring her home, she says yes. We have great talk in car.  We arrive at her home. I panic knowing I hadn't invited her yet. She hesitated to get out of the car, then asks us if we are LDS. I say yes! she says she is to but not active, but had been asking God to send her someone that will help her come back. We exchange phone numbers. She and her two sons are now active in church again and she is a very dear friend!

 We learned something neat later about the story. Her car had never had any problems before and when her husband went back to picquik to fix the car, it started up with no problems!