Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kyle turned 8 yrs. old!!

Its great to be 8...or should i say 8 is enough? My little Ky-ky is growing way too fast. It's hard to believe he is 8 years old! He can't wait until he gets baptized. He keeps whining about wanting to get baptized tomorrow and not wait until saturday. He loves watching Book of Mormon stories, wrestling, baseball, playing in the desert with his friends, riding his bike, Spider-Man, playing with Brett and Maggie, and flying his helicopter!

We love that the kids have the same core, great group of LDS friends since we moved here. And, its nice that these boys mothers are my best friends so week keep a close eye on each other's kids!

day before his b-day

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taylor's Going Away Party

Trey and Yvonne Taylor are moving to Ohio and so we threw a going away party for them at our house yesterday. They will be greatly missed in our ward and the community!

Trey and Yvonne have a neat story. They were not able to get pregnant for ten years and during that time adopted their first son, Tallin! Yvonne bore her testimony one sunday and that night around 2am I woke up and started thinking about her testimony and how sad she was to not be able to have children and my heart just ached for her.  I began praying that they would be able to get pregnant soon. In that moment I had very strong impressions to tell her about a CNP in ABQ that I had seen a few years earlier for my miscarriage. (I was told I would not be able to have anymore children after Aleah and that broke my heart because we definitely wanted more.) The feelings and impressions i had that night were pressing. I fought it a little thinking how personal this was for her and didn't want to even bring the subject up.  What if the doctor could help me but not her?  Long story short, told Yvonne and she got in touch with Joann Williams, CNP. Joann referred her to another doctor that specializes in miscarriages. Yvonne drove to ABQ and did some testing.  All of the tests came back normal except that she had a severe gluten intolerance. Yvonne was told to 100% avoid gluten and it was likely she could finally become pregnant. After ten years of trying and expensive trips to fertility doctors, Yvonne became pregnant after only 2-3 months of being gluten-free! She called to tell me one afternoon the big news and I could not believe it! It was such an awesome and emotional phone call for both of us. They had a son Arza, named after a great great grandpa who was one of the handcart pioneers. Yvonne  herself is President Hinckley's great niece. I always thought that was neat. We had a great time, lots of people came to say goodbye and thank them for their friendship and service. Shane grilled dogs and hamburgers. We wish them a the best in Ohio!

Yvonne and Arza

Shane flipping burgers

Lori, Megan and Yvonne

Bishops corner

It was freezing cold so all 50+ ppl ended up inside!

Where kids hung out

 Craig Stookey, a long time friend from Auburn. He came for the free dinner, of course. Look how old we got haha.

Shane, Craig and his son, Gabriel

Only the kids could stand sitting outside in the cold

A big thanks to friends Megan and Heidi(pictured above) for showing up to help me shine my house and scrub my toilets before the party!!