Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 year anniversary pics

For our 10-year anniversary, Shane took me to a fancy restaurant in Mesilla called the Double Eagle. We both ordered salmon and each had dessert. Then he surprised me and had a hotel room lined up in advance at the Hotel Encanto here in Las Cruces. The hotel has a gift shop, restaurant, and lots going on so we enjoyed sitting around relaxing. Our trusted babysitter, Chelsea Adams(who graduated from high school a couple years ago), watched our kids overnight. It was nice going to dinner alone, waking up in the morning with no responsibilities and kicking around in our pj's!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kyle singing

I happened upon a video on my ipad of kyle singing "The Grinch", chipmunk style. Aleah and Brett made the background noise. Funny stuff!

Kyle filmed himself drawing:
Hey....we could make millions filming YouTube videos for social media!?


 I'm finally caught up blogging! Last weekend we were in Albuquerque for a Farm Bureau Awards banquet. Shane was asked to speak for 10 minutes on committing to win. He gave all the agents a mathematical break-down of what it will take to make All-American in Jamaica next year. Then he shared some inspirational things to get them pumped up to sell.

Manager of the Year for NM
Life Agency of the year
P/C Manager of the year
Leading agency on life and p/c on a 'per agent average'
Underwriting fair champion agency(He set a new record!)
 Embassy Suites pool
 Dinner on our way back home
our precious little ones!

Shane's new bike

 Nate, you'll like this post. ;)

Shane and Andy
Shane and his new riding buddy, Rich.
his new ride.

Brett turned 1 on Jan 5!

pics and videos of brett before and after his 1st b-day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

sweet and fiesty little Addie

Adda-patta-watta is the sweetest lil' thang ya ever saw, but the girl's got attitude! :) She's not too fond of her baby brother, Brett right now because she feels he gets too much attention. So I try to give Addie extra hugs and pick her up more often throughout the day. Here's a picture of her sound asleep with daddy. 

Braden & Kyle wrestling pics and videos


Kyle really went after it, he did NOT like losing.  He made a couple kids cry during practice.  He's an animal! The level of competition in el paso is tough to beat. Braden has a lot of fight in him but just doesn't care much for wrestling. He would lay on his back on purpose he told me, to "get it over with." We will have him do another season next year to see if he likes it any better.


They enjoyed all the trips and practices!

Aleah preschool & 1st ballet recital

Aleah is second row back, furthest to the right against mirror.

Aleah loves preschool!

2011 family pictures

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bradens baptism!

His daddy baptized him on Sunday, October 2, 2011!
My family came for the baptism and took part in the program!