Friday, August 28, 2009

Preschool & Kindergarten

Braden and Kyle were so excited to start school! Kyle was especially anxious to go to the Red Barn preschool(same school Braden attended). He's has been counting down the days since April! It is finally here and Kyle was all smiles. He was pleased that his big brother could show him around his first day. My tiny litte ky-ky is growing up!

Cindy Martin, a good friend from my ward started doing preschool a few years ago. Braden loved it and learned a lot in her class. We are so glad she is teaching again this year!


Braden is a brand new Kindergartener! He couldn't wait to be in his classroom and was especially excited to wear his lightning mcqueen backpack. The boys had so many good things to tell me when they got home. I am sure Braden & Kyle will have a great experience this year!

Mrs. Brinkerhoff

The day before school -- Aug. 20

We went to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate the close of long summer days...after this evening full of pizza, icecream, games and rides, the boys were ready for school to begin the following morning!

Daddy & Braden earned enough tickets to buy whatever three nicknacks they wanted behind the toy counter!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our family joined the rest of our ward friends in a park at White Sands. The kids played on the covered playgrounds and water ground. It was great amusement and kept the kids busy for a long time! We enjoyed a potluck(slow cooked homemade barbequed roast, rolls, salads, chips)...yum!

Andrew, Braden and Kyle...buds

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aaron's Farewell- Aug 16

Aaron was called to serve in Ghana, Africa! Last week he flew straight to the MTC in Ghana! We are a little nervous for him but at the same time confident that he will be safe and protected there.

During his farewell speech, Aaron expressed that he had a desire to go on a mission to serve the Lord & his fellowmen, and because he was guided by the example of his older brothers who all went on missions. He used his experience at basic training as the theme for his talk. He made several comparisons between one who serves his country at war vs. a missionary serving the Lord in spiritual war. I liked one example he gave of how people in the world are being wounded in the spiritual conflict of life and that he looked forward to helping and serving the people in Ghana. Aaron will be an incredible missionary!!

Also, I finally got to meet Tori, my sweet new sister-in-law for the first time, and the new little additions to the family: Bracken, Izzy, Nicole & Gavin!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! Aug 7

My dad couldn't wait any longer to see his grandkids, especially Addy! He and mom drove all the way down from Washington State to stay with us for 2 weeks!
Lisa was able to make it down to celebrate our 32nd birthday together!

On the day of, Shane took us to eat at one of my favorite places to go on date night: Farley's. It's not that their food is so incredible, but they do have a variety of games to play which makes for a fun experience. After eating dinner, we played pool & shot baskets until midnight. Once we get going, we tend to get a little competitive! So here are the results: Lisa won us all in the basketball tourny(of course), and Shane and my dad were a tie in pool...and to remember the night, Shane retrieved stuffed animals for everyone!

We had a great time while grandma & grandpa and Aunt Lisa were here. Grandpa & Grandma worked dozens of puzzles w/ Braden, we went shopping, ate out, had lots of backyard fun, etc etc. Dad even cleaned and detailed the cars inside and out! The kids liked using the humungous soapy sponge to scrub down the cars!

Dad's timing was perfect. They were here to celebrate my birthday on the 7th and my Dad's on the 14th. They were also here the Sunday Shane and I spoke in Sacrament meeting! We are so glad they could come and we look forward to Christmas!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new bikes!

Well, the kids got them awhile ago but here's some recent pictures of them riding them. Aleah can't reach the pedals yet but likes to sit on it for fun.