Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I hired a new cleaning crew

The boys are a great help! They know how to clean the whole kitchen by themselves now!
They pick up trash, scrub dishes, load dishwasher properly, and wipe counters clean...

The top drawer of our old beat-up desk collapsed. Braden took it upon himself to fix it without us knowing it. Shane thought I fixed it, and I thought he fixed it. Finally after a week one of us brought it up that it had been fixed. We were surprised to learn that Braden did it. It took some thinking to clean up the terrible mess inside, put the drawer back on it's (half broken) track and neatly organize everything! None of us even wanted to attempt it since we plan to buy a new one. I asked Braden how he did it...he said he thought "it may be really hard but did it anyway."

I took some pictures of their little "tv room" set-up made from boxes and lids.

Daddy & Addy
Addy is growing and changing every day. She's smiling and starting to hold her head up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

Shane's parents and brother(Aaron) came for a quick visit to see the baby! On the 4th we had a cookout at Aguirre Springs and watched fireworks from the balcony of the Farm Bureau state office. They brought gifts for the kids too!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farewell Sis...

...and we are going to miss you terribly Aunt Lisa! You are too far away in Utah...just stay here with me forever...okay?

Won't you miss......changing diapers, unpacking boxes, doing dishes, breaking up fights, cooking, mopping, hydrogen peroxide & bandaids, having two little boys frequently ransacking your room, laundry, being wedged between two car seats in the backseat of the van, being spit-up on, bathing dirty kids, and a certain little girl yelling your name early in the morning, frequently handing me bottles of water/boppy pillow, folding LOADS of laundry, cleaning up broken glass, scrubbing four toilets every other day?

Just remember..... how you love my homemade shakes and asian veggie stir fry's, Mom's visit from WA, Seinfeld & Golf, sneezing at the same time, Scrabble marathon, eating tons of double stuffed oreo's, Aleah's smile, making of an LDSsingles profile, bubble baths, the 4-day planner search, relaxing with the kids on the trampoline, dryers chocolate brownie fudge icecream, Shane's kickball & other spats, when Addy was brand new, teaching Braden how to read, flashcards, the shuttle, laughing over anything & everything in the early morning hours (out of sheer exhaustion), the Farmers Market, dressing Aleah up, smooching on Addy's cheeks.'busy bees' $800 dollar charge, Kyle's singing...

Lisa, we will miss you. You have been so good to us the last two months! I was able to fully enjoy Addy's newborn weeks having you by my side. Your organization, patience, letting me sleep and positive attitude kept me sane and my children happy. Your presence in our home has been a great blessing and you are welcome back ANYTIME! We love you! Good luck in utah!!


Manager's motto: "I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD"

It is official! Yesterday one of Shane's agents (Mike Garcia) took first place in the company's 'Blue Vase Contest' for new agents! Shane had four agents in the contest and all four achieved 'Elite' status with Mike winning the whole thing and setting a new New Mexico state record with 870 points! The previous record was 514 so he killed it! There were over 30 new agents in the contest company wide. Only seven total got Elite and four of the seven were from Shane's agency! You astound me babe!! It is simply amazing what you have done with this Agency! I don't know how you do it but you know how to get it done!!!