Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cousins Temple Wedding

My little cousin Alexandra got married to a great guy. His name is Shane Dayton(his name tells you how cool he really is!:)) Here are only a few of the many many pictures I took of the wedding. Grandma Z made all the bridesmaid dresses. She is so talented!

Grandma Kay & Aleah

(Left)Grandma beautiful at 88! The three pose for a picture during a touching moment remembering Uncle Mike and Aunt Maria

Pictures in lockets of Uncle Mike and Aunt Maria-tied in the boquet of flowers

Happily ever after couple :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

11 months old

Shane had meetings up in Salt Lake this week so we are here at the Hilton hotel in Salt Lake City. The boys stayed back in Monticello with the grandparents!! They are having a TOTAL BLAST there playing in the sand box, watching movies, running around, eating popcorn and going for rides on the motorcycle with Papa, playing with Adam again and getting special treatment from Nana. They miss Monticello, especially Kyle. He often says, "I want to go to Monticello so I can run and jump". It's been a little bit of a transition for them going from a home, to an apartment complex with people under them and a hotel. They couldn't do ANYTHING. Not even run down the long hall-which was torture for Kyle. This trip in Monticello will probably be the highlight of their year!!

I am thoroughly enjoying my stay here with Aleah. It's just me and her and let's just say, we are not missing the boys!! We get to do everything together without any distractions!! Plenty of time to laugh, play chase, walk the halls, cuddle, tickle and throw her on the bed (she loves this), play pattycake, clap each others hands, the list goes on. I forgot how much I enjoyed having just one baby around. I get to spend another whole week with just her AND grandma K!

Aleah...loves her big brothers. She thinks they are really big!

She...loves to be held and cries when I put her down. After being held for awhile she decides she's ready to go again and will try to JUMP out of my arms without warning. She's never made it out of my arms completely, thank heavens!! She definately keeps me on my toes!!

She...loves to climb stairs but hasn't quite figured out how to get back down the stairs. But wherever there are stairs, she is climbing

She... plays hard. When she takes a fall, even if she's not hurt, she tends to hold her breath in for a long time, to the point of passing out. She has done this twice and it scared me to death! (this is a BUTLER TRAIT)

She... loves brown rice cereal and sweet potatoes. She loves her baba more than anything

She...loves to use a straw to sip ice cold water. She'll sip, suck, wiggle her head and do it all over again, getting her shirt completely soaked. a road warrior (as are all of my kids). She loves it when Braden makes faces at her and we love to hear her giggle.

She...takes two naps a day and sleeps for long periods of time if it's quiet. She is good about going to bed when I lay her down after 10 minutes of coos and caas. She sleeps in late like her brothers.

She...loves to play with toys that make sound. She likes to pat and yell back at them.

She...loves it when daddy comes home. She'll start laughing and clapping her hands together. She spends most of her night trying to get his attention.

She...loves walking and walks as fast as she possibly can. Braden and I love to take her on walks and swing her, him on one side, me on the other.

When I go to tickle her she get's all excited, slams her back up against a pillow and starts wiggling her whole body while laughing.

She...loves sitting on my hip especially while I'm trying to do the dishes.

She...doesnt like getting kissed but will usually give them to get what she wants!! If she wants down when dad is holding her she will quickly give him a big kiss and swiftly make her break. He get's a kick out of her game and usually won't let her go until she gives him multiple kisses!

She... is one heavy baby!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been tagged

20 years ago: 11 years old, living on Tapps Island, probably out riding my new pink lady bike or swimming at the pool.

10 years ago: 21 years old, single and living in Mesa Arizona with my very good friend, Shari Tate. Also had just broken off an engagement to Bryce Neff. Was heart-broken and preparing to fly home to Washington to start school in the fall. A FRIEND wanted me to CLARIFY SOMETHING: Who broke up with who? I BROKE UP WITH HIM!

5 years ago: living in Orem, UT, pregnant with my first child, Braden.

3 years ago: living in Monticello-our second had come along, he was 6 months old!

1 year ago: pregnant with Aleah, making preparations for my homebirth or out on the Monticello golf course with Shane and the boys

1 month ago: living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Albuquerque- taking the kids to the park, the library, or Sunflower Farmers Market.

1 Week ago: my sister came to town and we celebrated our birthday

1 day ago: at the Staybridge Suites
now: blogging and watching the Olympics!

I tag Sarah, Tonya, Anna, Jamie and Libby

Not a vegetable in sight

Living out of a hotel room is nice in some ways but stinks in others! We have a kitchen in the room but I've been so busy the last week finishing up the design of our house(we decided to build a home out in the country) that all I eat is hotel breakfast-eggs, sausage, cottage cheese, waffles. Arby's for lunch, now addicted to their cream cheese Jalepeno bites and Chicken pecan wraps, and restaurant for dinner. Not to mention the snacking in know the kind you do when your stressed and excited? I've gained a couple lbs since Lisa left adding to the weight gained before she came. I've gotten off track on a lot of things that I was keeping up with pretty well, including going to bed early, though I still get up early. If I am not careful, I'll just keep packing the weight on! I know I am the kind of person that needs to stay on a schedule to keep fit. My friend Teresa and I started this thing where we report to each other every night on our eating and sleeping schedule a few months back. I was doing so good right before the 4th of July camping trip, and then we moved to Cruces and blah blah get the picture.
So it's going to take some work to get back to where I was after we finally get into a rental house. I like bein thin and super fit. I feel comfortable this way.
It's so easy to gain weight but hard to lose it! For me I have to cook fresh food-going heavy on the veggies and grains-light on the meat, if any at all. Well, I can finally start doing these things when we get into a real house. I'm blogging about it so I'm accountable to someone...YOU!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Birthday!

I can't believe we had another birthday already, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I kind of like being in my 30's! Lisa flew in to celebrate the big day. We had a great time shopping and looking at homes for sale. These are pretty much all the pictures I took of us. We spent most of our time doing what we love most: eating and talking. We can both reallyyyyy pack it in when we want to!! Also, we got a surprise knock on our door--a special delivery of neopolitan icecream and an impressively large decorative cake with a very special message written on it! It came from the most generous person I know, my mother. I should have taken a picture of it before diving in. Rats! Well, it was d-e-licious! Thank you so much mom! You are the best!

Aleah saying "wow!"

Lisa did my hair and makeup. She did a much better job than I could have done. Thanks Sis!

Celebrating our 31st birthday at Red Lobster. Daddy and Braden have a staring contest. After losing several times, Dad finally gave up!

I probably shouldn't have done this, but I had to snap a picture of Kyle folding his arms--trying so hard not to cry, after we got after him for 'horsing around' in the hotel lobby.

I'm not really sure what I'm wearing(and neither was Lisa), but I love the blouse!

our sleeping baby--love it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

For the 24th, we went to a resort in Ruidoso, NM. There was swimming, golf, fishing, boating, shopping and good eating. We had a lot of fun! We came home and immediately got busy. I packed up the whole apartment and Shane finished is work and said his goodbyes to his Agents in Albuquerque. I have to brag a little about how my hunny is doing in his new job. He is doing excellent! With his guidance and training, one of his new hirees made nearly $13,000 her first month. She is on her way to being a successful Agent. Good job babe!

We are now in Las Cruces. It is such a beautiful city. Aleah is walking all over the place. She is keeping me very busy. It is fun to watch her walk--she sort of waddles because her legs are so chubby! Braden and Kyle have learned their ABC's and can count to 20. They also learned the "Book of Mormon Stories" primary song. I have recorded them singing it and will download it soon. It's so cute! Also, Braden has learned how to fold pants and shirts so now he does all my folding for me! (Aren't I horrible?) At least he is learning how to work. LOL Anyway, I started working out again and I am loving it. It feels so good to run, ride bikes and lift weights. I'm finally getting some muscles! Shane is working so hard but enjoying his new job. Well, that's the low-down on us. I thought I'd download some of my favorite pictures I've taken in the last couple weeks.

Braden and Aleah

Three reasons to smile :)

Kyle wakes up in the mornings and puts his tie, pants, and belt on. He made this tie out of his own creation. It's aleah's headband and his clip on tie!!! He then gets a bowl out of the cupboard, pulls himself up on the sink, and fills the bowl with water. Then he gets a straw for a shaver and pretends to shave his beard. I wonder who he got this from?

Braden and Aleah in Ruidoso The 3 of them

Peter and Laurie Webb are members of our ward. They invited us over for barbeque to say goodbye. We will miss them. They are a neat family! What is really cool is that Peter was one of Randy's old mission companions. We got to hear a couple funny stories!