Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you thank Quinn?

That was Shane's question to me after Quinn (Shane's brother, a realtor in Utah) gave the qualifying broker of the most reputable real-estate company in our city an ultimatum. One that would not be in their favor if things didn't go exactly the way Quinn wanted them. Turns out that all the changes I had made on the house amounted to nothing when the kitchen cabinets came last week and did not fit because the space was too small. They had mis-measured....AGAIN. Around the same time the cabinets came in, the builder was trying to get us involved with an illegal scheme that would only benefit them and be to our detriment in the long run. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Red flags everywhere!! We told the builder on Monday that we wanted to terminate the contract immediately. His reply was, you will have to pay us for all the changes "you" made, which would amount to $15,000-22,000. We had initially planned a meeting with the builders for yesterday but we knew they were going to play dirty and we were very worried. However, a couple days before the meeting, Shane said he was going to call Quinn and see what he thought about all of this. That's when all of our troubles seemed to disappear in an instant.

Shane told Quinn everything that had happened from start to finish. Quinn knew all too well about this illegal scheme they were trying to pull on us. Recently a couple of builders in Utah were imprisoned 20 years for doing the same thing! He called up the qualifying broker(owner)over the builders agent and told him in no uncertain terms that if the builder did not let us out of the contract immediately, that he was going to the National Realtors Association and have that agent fired on the spot and possibly imprisoned and the whole company's reputation on the line. Shane and I got a call that night from the owner of the real-estate company telling us we can rest that all of our troubles would be over by the morning! Last night we signed two termination contracts and they apologized to us up and down and we are free!! I was in such turmoil there for a day thinking I was going to have to live with this house the way it is! They were off by 3 feet in the kitchen! In the builders haste to get going on this project poured the concrete without even measuring! They just put the figures down on paper.
We want to thank the Lord for taking care of this so quickly for us. This couldn't have turned out any better. No legal action taken, no money lost...only sweat and tears and I learned a lot. This gives us a chance to start over and do things a little differently or buy a home.
So, to answer your question Shane, I did say thank you to Quinn. But together we want to thank you again Quinn!! You saved us from what could have been a very traumatic situation! We couldn't have done this without you. I even called several attorneys here in town and they couldn't promise anything. We can't thank you enough!!!

Off the subject, my sister came down to visit and watch the kids for us while we attended a Farm Bureau awards banquet at the Embassy Suites in Albuquerque last week. Bless her heart, all the kids got sick with the stomach flu while we were away. I felt so bad for her but was secretly relieved I wasn't there!! It was nice to be able to hang up the phone and enjoy the suite and go shopping. Terrible of me to say, I know. But there will be plenty of this for me later, right?! Thanks for all you do Lis. Love you.

When Shane saw this picture for the first time he said, "look how fat we are." Baby, only one of us is getting fat...ME! You are looking great! Congratulations on your Silver award and all your other recognitions last week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Annivesary

Today marks 7 years since our marriage & sealing in the Seattle, Washington temple. The ‘seven year itch’ hasn't touched us. As a matter of fact it's been the other way around for us. We are more devoted and in love than ever. I am eternally grateful to be married to this wonderful man. He is the rock of our family. He keeps me grounded, laughing, protected, striving, content, HAPPY! He is everything I asked for and more. He is a man of honesty, faith, integrity. He works so hard for our family while making all the time in the world to be with us. He shows us each day and in every way that he loves us and that we are his top priority.

I was tagged to answer these questions about us. What a perfect day to reminisce about how it all began...

What is your hubby's name? Shane, but I never call him that…it’s mostly Baby, Babe, Luv, Sweetie, or Daddy
How long have you been together? Married 7 years
How long did you date? 8 months
Who said I love you first? Shane
Who is taller? Shane by half a foot!
Who is smarter? Shane is smarter, but I’m pretty good with the stuff we need to know for raising babies. We balance each other well!
Who does the laundry? 100% me
Who does the dishes? 100% me
Who cleans the house? 100% me and Dees Cleaning Service
Who sleeps on the right? Shane. I always sleep on the left side closest to the door so I can check on the baby.
Who pays the bills? 100% Shane.
Who mows the lawn? 90% Shane 10% me
Who cooks dinner? 100% me
Who drives when you are together?
90% Shane 10% Me
Who is more stubborn? Me
Who kissed who first? Shane kissed me first. I remember he wanted to hurry and get over that “first kiss” akwardness!
Who asked who out first? We met at FHE at the Bishops house. Shane introduced himself and offered me a cookie. Later that evening as we were playing games, I remember watching him closely for a minute & suddenly the thought came to my mind, “I need to find me a guy just like HIM!" The next week at break-the-fast, he asked for my phone number & invited me to go with him to a fireside~right in front of a couple guys that were also showing interest. Shane marked his territory and they all backed down. The rest was history!
Who proposed? Shane. His proposal speech was out of this world!!
Who has more siblings? He does—6 brothers and 1 sister. I have 1 sister.
Who wears the pants? I’d like to say Shane does, but I'm sure he let’s me have my way more than I realize.

I love you Baby! 7 years down and Eternity to go! I am the luckiest wife ever!!!

I tag Tangi, Teresa, Lindsay, Kendra, Lisa L. Melanni, Dana, Natalie & all of my sis-in-laws!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The baking bug~

I love to bake goodies, eat and share with others...especially during the holidays when I can get the kids involved. And what better time to make frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies then now! My boys and their friends got together yesterday for a fun day playing in the dough. (Check out Kyle's new favorite attire--pajamas and a necktie... what a funny kid!)
The girlkins............. Since the girls are too young, I had the boys make valentine hearts. Poor guys!! They loved it!!
Duck-duck goose was a great way for the kids to release all of their energy after the sugar fest. Colby liked to 'whack' instead of 'pat' our heads, OUCH!!