Friday, August 16, 2013

Health coaching

Finally started my 6 year goal(since 2007)to become a health coach. I just have not had the time or the focus to get started with it until now. My goal by september is to get my own family to eat better and exercise. Shane started working out a few months ago every day at 5:30am-7:00 and he's lost 10 lbs! i thought he looked great before but he says he feels better since he started working out. Of course:) 
Before I started having kids I weight lifted hard core every day since I was 15 yrs old. Being a non competitor bodybuilder and then stopping for 9 years has thrown me off. Even lifting 15 lb weights is a challenge for me right now !

I kind of noticed and not speaking in absolutes either but, at the gym the average bodybuilder may look fit, not necessarily healthy. Many of them appear to not have health as their main concern and tend to be more outwardly focused (appearance). Excessive protein, excessive animal products, excessive tanning, supplements loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, Testosterone supplements, etc. Those things especially combined can be dangerous and i believe it is possible to body build in a much healthier fashion.  I have thought about specializing in this area. Would be fun. I will wait until I get into the program a little further to decide exactly what I will do and for now keep setting goals. Ultimately I think I would like to specialize in diabetes and thyroid. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A continuous nightmare

On Sunday, aug. 11,  after church we laid down to take a nap and heard one of the kids screaming, but it was a terrifying scream i had never heard.  I opened the garage door and there was Brett's saying MOMMY!! MOMMY!!!!!!!! While trying to feel his way to the door! His eyes kept rolling as he tried to open them to find his way to me. There was a thick oily liquid all over his eye. Probably at least 1 tsp of it going in his eye.  My first impression was that he got a toxic harmful liquid substance in his eye and was going blind.  The screaming was not anything I've ever heard before. It was the sound and cry of a burn victim. I swooped him up in my arms and screamed for shane and ran into the bathroom to flush his eye. As soon as we did, brett started to have a severe panic attack and tried to tell us NO but he could not breathe. For a minute i didnt know what planet i was on and i believed that he was going blind and having a panic attack because he couldn't see. He began hyperventilating very badly, so we pulled his head out from under the sink and stared at each other in pale shock. We had to stop flushing or he would pass out from pain, yet we felt we had to keep flushing to get it out. Finally Shane figured out that it smelled like oregano oil. But it was confusing because it happened in the garage and my oregano oil is always tucked safely away in my purple essential oil bag in my closet up on a high shelf. Then l spotted a bottle of oregano oil sitting on the bathroom counter and it was open and half of it was empty. I grabbed my phone to search how to get oregano oil out of the eye and some results were to put another carrier oil like coconut oil in it to get him out of pain. Shane called our friend at church who is an ophthalmologist and he instructed us to bring him down to his office right away. He had to put a solution in it to bring his ph acid up to 7. And oregano oil's acid is 3.5.  He suffered the most excruciating pain for an hour and a half until the doctor could get the solution in his eye. It helped a lot but Brett was still miserable.  We had to hold him down so that the doctor could open his eye (unbearable pain for him)to see what the condition of the eyeball was in. Miraculously, it looked ok. 

The second day his eye looked much worse and the doctor said he was hoping that the worst didnt happen but it did. He called in a specialist and they both thought he would need plastic surgery. Then yesterday i had to take aleah to get vaccinations for school and addy's paperwork in--she starts a new preschool because cindy martin moved. But trying to take care of brett and make sure he doesnt run into things when he walks. (He has to wear a patch). I wasnt there when they put the patch on but tom said he was glad i wasnt there because it was awful and shane said he cried just as hard as he did the day of the accident. Three doctors had to hold him down. 
Monday he got his patch and had anxiety attacks. He is too young to be having these! I had to rock him and just be calm while he went through it. He kicked the blankets off him and had to keep his arms up and mouth open to breathe. I realized it was the steroid they were giving him to reduce inflammation was kicking up his cortisol and so he was having trouble breathing. He's a sensitive little guy :( but we got through it.  
Yesterday i felt a little depressed about it and decided to go to the dollar store and buy Brett a whole bunch of toys and some candy. He loved it and has been holding and playing with all of it, just like the toy eyeballs the doc gave him. He won't let the eyeballs out of his sight. He says, "I got ma eyeballs." "Look at my eyeballs!" 

The kids have been doting on him nonstop. Kyle makes little cars out of chairs and pushes him around the house. Normally i would stop him but I don't even care. My house is a disgusting mess. Haven't done anything at all, except make more mess! I have been running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for the kids school. 

Yesterday the doctors said they didn't think he will need plastic surgery afterall, what a relief! And they also said his cornea eyeball by all means should be burned but its not and they are stumped. They ask shane if he got a blessing and shane said yes, i gave him one 15 minutes after it happened and they said, well thats why his eye was spared because it shouldve pentrated the eye ball and burned it like the rest of his eye. Today his eye looks pretty bad still but i can see that its healing. I have an appt with the specialist at 3:15. It won't heal fast enough!! 

Day 1--after the doctor put solution to get him out of pain:
He stayed like this most of the first-second day. 
Finally asleep


My little guy drew this for me and it made me happy
Daddy put Brett on his shoulders and it helped him to stop crying. He "gots his eyeballs in his hands"

Day 4

School began!

and Kyle started school again! Braden is now in 4th grade (9yrs old)and Kyle is in 2nd (8yrs old). Braden grew tremendously over the summer!! He's getting to be a big boy! Kyle too! Aleah starts kinder on Thursday! 
Aleah starting her first round of vaccinations. 

Random pictures of summer

My girlies!

Baby girl

Addy patty
Our garden and fruit trees blossomed like craZy!

My little buddy 
The boys!

Big bug bite

Lots of cookouts and marshmallow roasting!

Lisa came to visit!

Played this all the time!