Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brett's 4th b-day Jan. 5, 2015

For some reason blogspot isn't cooperating. It's making me retrieve pictures one by one instead of check marking a bunch. So now the pictures are all out of order. Can't believe this little man is 4 already! Brett brings so much fun and joy to this family!! Words cannot describe how much we love him. He is a good boy, very sweet with lots of charisma and character. He is 4 going on 8yrs old. He hardly ever gets down about anything. He is all smiles, jokes and fun. He is very caring and easy. Happy birthday to this little stud!!

Him and his buddy, Brady Ross
Ticket blaster!!

Christmas at my parents!

For Christmas 2014, our whole family flew to my parents house in Enumclaw, Washington. We had a great time spending time with my wonderful parents and all the family. There is no place like home. I love our home in Enumclaw and feel blessed that we were raised there in that little farming town. There are many great people there. I loved seeing my cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma. Grandma Zvetkoff is 95 years old! My cousins made an amazing photo album for every family member. Then while visiting grandma we got to see Mike and Maria's marriage photo album that Zandy Nicole and Sarah created. They worked so hard and it turned out extremely nice. We will always cherish it. We also visited my old stomping ground --Tapps Island and drove by the home we use to live in before we moved to Enumclaw. Lisa and I loved loved loved living on Lake Tapps. It's the most amazing place. Every week we were out on our boat, tuning, knee boarding, skiing, you name it. We attended Gildo Rey Elementary school in preschool and kindergarten.  Lake Tapps Elementary School 1st-5th. Dieringer Middle School and then moved to Enumclaw. Went to White River High School, and then when the house was finished being built, transferred to Enumclaw High. 
The pictures are out of order for now. 

Dad playing the harmonica. The kids loved being with grandpa. My dad is the nicest man I've ever known. I love and cherish him. I have a deep and profound love and respect for him. 
Caught my mom giving the girls a bath and blow drying their hair! It made me cry as I reminisced about the fond memories i have with my mom. She's the greatest mom and most protective mother in the world! The kids loved being with her playing games and talking to her. They had some serious gab sessions together! I could over hear the kids telling her just about every part of their life!! She was the greatest listener EVER! I was laughing my pants off when I overheard the girls tell grandma about how (and why) one of their friends "is such a brat". The girls were dead serious...they sounded like a couple of valley girls. I'm afraid they are right! Their little friend can be such a snot sometimes! Ha ha. Grandma did not appreciate what they have to put up with, haha!!

Spending the morning making gingerbread men, houses and trains 

Mount Rainer from the doc on Lake Tapps

1st golf hole

7th hole where we lived. We'd go sledding off these hills when it snowed
Grandma Zvetkoff

Mom has her place decked out for Christmas. The picture does it no justice! It's so fun!!

My darling Aunt and grandpa Zvetkoff
Love this cute picture!
My dad is the cute little boy above