Thursday, March 12, 2015

Caught reading!

It is so cute to see Braden read to his little baby brother. I cherish these moments and I'm sure they do, too!

Snow in Las Cruces in February

I am late posting but we did get snow this year and it was pretty
Kyle, Boston, Rendon, Braden, Aleah

Valentine's Day fun!!

We had a Valentine's Day party and it was VERY fun!! I also took some video of games we played. We did homemade valentines cookies, Valentine's crafts, games outside and the kids just had a ball! They each gave each other valentines gifts at the end. Picutured are the Young kids, Parks kids, the Griffiths and Ross boys! And of course I had fun gabbing with my friends. We probably talked for 5 hours. We are always busy but when we get together...well we don't shut up! ha

Book Report Day!

After Braden reads a book, he takes an examination (that will prepare him for SAT/ACT's, does vocab definitions and presents a book report. Boston also read the book so Braden and Boston presented it together. We had a special guest--daddy, the pricinpal! Braden did great!