Saturday, June 28, 2008


I saw this on a friend's blog and decided to try it ( I used the same two pictures of Shane and I, for all three kids.

Everyone says Kyle looks more like Shane and I agree...

I use to believe braden looked like me, but after doing this, I can see why my whole family thinks Braden looks like Shane!

I think Aleah has mom's eyes and dad's chubby cheeks. Shane really thinks she has his build and is worried that she is going to be mad at him! I love her build...hopefully she'll be tough like him :o)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun Night Out

We had a great time yesterday. We went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner and then Coldstone Creamery for dessert. To finish off the night we drove up to Sandia Park to look at some homes. THere are some nice homes up there. They are all $500,000 to $1,000,000 homes. We ended up driving up the mountain to the very top where the towers are. We were able to look down on the city of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. It's a stunning view from the top.

Shane gave Aleah a bite of Kyle's icecream and Aleah was hooked. We couldn't keep her away from that icecream. She ate the whole thing all by herself! She is our 9 month little oinker!
She got a tooth awhile back and would use it to twist and bite down on me during feedings so I finally weaned her. Now her two bottom teeth are starting to come in. Poor thing, her gums are all inflamed. She is drooling like crazy and get's fussy a lot!

The boys hide from dad in the trunk of the van after dinner. I love this video because of the look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces when dad finally finds them!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to wish Shane a Happy Father's Day! He is an amazing father and husband. He has provided extremely well for our family. He is a great support to me and is there for kids. He is a "fun" dad. He spends a lot of time with the kids when he is home and is there for them. He comes with me to most of their doctors appointments. He get's the boys ready for church every Sunday, and holds regular family prayer and scripture study at bedtime. The boys think the world of him and want to be just like him. He has them laughing most of the time he is with them. When you get to know Shane he has an incredible sense of humor. He is the nicest person and get's along with everybody. I just want to thank him for providing so well for our family. He is very careful and protective of us. He is very careful how he treats our children. Infact, I am the one that usually 'spanks' them. It is hard for him to even lay a hand on them. I can hardly wait until he comes home from work because he is so fun to be around. Infact, I get as excited to see him as I did when we were dating. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't try to impress him with something new I've done, or have improved upon. He's smart and influential. He has pronounced many blessings of healing on my head in behalf of me and my children. He is patient with me and a great listener. You can count on him to always give the best advice. Whenever I need advice the only person I want to talk to is SHANE. And so does my sister. She has called on many occasions saying, I NEED TO TALK TO SHANE RIGHT NOW! He knows what's going on. He is a man that get's it. He understands everything about birth, taking care of babies, money matters, taxes, insurance, people, and the list goes on. He's extremely intuitive. I honestly think he should have been a counselor or something! He has a tremendous sense of knowing and understanding people. He is a great family man and is always looking to help someone in need. He smells soo nice and his big huge smile makes makes me melt everytime. He doesn't assume how I am feeling or what I'm thinking before he asks first, which I really appreciate. Our relationship feels so new and invigorating all the time. He keeps the magic alive and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to be with him. I tell him often that he is a ray of sunshine in my life!


Michelle-17, Dad-44, on vacation, Salt Lake Temple Square and Lagoon, 1995

My Dad is literally the nicest man in the world you will ever meet. I don't remember a time growing up that he spoke ill of anyone, except for the obvious murderers, child abusers and theives. He has always worked very hard and provided very well for our family. He was a very fun dad. I have fond childhood memories of him taking us to Dunkin Donuts before dropping us off at school. He was always so gentle, genuine and kind to everyone. He can fix anything and make anything. He built a beautiful home for our family. He keeps the home updated. He is always adding some new and updated touch to the house, making our home a haven for my mom. He love to cook and is a good help and handyman around the house. He is an extremely smart. He has worked for the Boeing company for almost 25 years and has never been laid off (there have been many, many strikes over the years)because he's so indispensable to the company. He works as a lead over the Programmers and is every managers right hand man. He is the guy behind the scenes that calls all the shots. The people that work downstairs in the shop have expressed that they only like working with my dad because he knows everything and does everything to perfection. The women who work in his plant will only go to my dad for help with questions because he makes them feel completely comfortable and is a great teacher. He patiently explains everything step by step without missing a thing. My dad has a child's heart--patient, innocent, honest, and kind. I thank him for his example of honestly living the the gospel. For teaching me how to treat people, especially my children. I am not near as patient as he is. I appreciate him for all the times he gave us priesthood blessings when we needed them...for helping me with math in school, encouraging me to play the piano and for all the many days and nights he spent teaching us how to play basketball! Words cannot express how thankful I am that he is my dad!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Look-alike Meter

I thought this looked fun and wanted to try it out. I don't know who Aleah looks more like. The meter says Aleah looks 6% more like Shane. What do you think?

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Aquariam and Botanical Gardens

We went to the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens and Park. You could spend a few days going through it all because there is so much to see. They featured a castle with a dragon blowing smoke. Inside the castle were life size bugs and vegetables! The kids got a kick going inside the gigantic pumpkin. They also enjoyed the little cities and trains. We got icecream and then played at the park. You can take a cute little train ride to the zoo but we just ran out of time. We will definately have to go back again.