Thursday, May 20, 2010

Frederick J. Fishman

...Oherwise known as Grandpa Beard. My dear grandpa passed away at 2am Wednesday morning on Cinco de Mayo at the rest home where he's been living for the past 4-5 years. My mother was down to see him a couple weeks before he passed and made her peace with him. We however, could not get over to see him in time but were able to be on the telephone three-way and talk with him over the course of several hours while he struggled to take in his last breaths. We assured him it was okay to let it go and sang several hymns to him. Grandpa was agnostic and fought hard to stay alive. We think he may have been afraid to die because he was so unsure of what would become of him next. My mom says she can see in her minds eye grandpa's passing--she can picture that a family member or angel greeted him and sweetly explained where he was and what had just taken place, then took him into the Spirit world where he will hopefully have a chance to hear the gospel. Grandpa was a wonderful person and of course I will mourn his loss but I am excited that he is with other loved ones and finally in a whole state of rest and beauty. Grandpa was an exceptional person and accomplished a lot in his life. He fought in World War II and was honored with medals. He loved grandma with all of his heart and always treated her with great respect. Whenever we visited he was always doing little acts of service for her. He really spoiled us grandchildren! He will truly be missed by all of us!


Lucky said...

I saw him about 2 weeks before he died and spent lots of time just being there with him, even though he had no clue outwardly who I was. I made the peace and told him that when he hears the gospel up there and it sounds familiar from what I have been able to mention to him, that he'd best go with the flow! He is a smart man and with relatives to greet him, we'll meet again.

Teresa said...

Michelle, I am so sorry about your grandfather's passing. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Lisa said...

It was a priviledge to have gotten to talk to him one last time and help him. That was very special for me. He will be missed and I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we will see him again.