Thursday, October 25, 2012

panda bear cake

My friend Yvonne is throwing a baby shower for another friend in our ward that is inactive. Her baby room's theme is panda bears so I'm made a panda bear cake for her. I love making cakes. Woke up at 6am this morning dreaming of decorating cakes for a living. Envisioned what my store would look like and then, there it was--the sound of a baby crying. I realized that I already had my life work cut out for me... for now!:)

I made two cakes, one GLUTEN-FREE and the other regular. The gluten free cake(pictured below) is delicious. I put in a secret ingredient to give it a special kick. Shane had a taste and with his jaw agape said, "you're lying this isn't gluten free." I said, "I know, am I good or what." He said, "Or what," while stuffing a 1/2 pound of cake into his mouth.


Nate and Brooke said...

Cute!!! Wished you lived closer so you could help me with my kids birthday cakes!:)

Cat said...

that is so cute!

Lucky said...

OMG!!! That looks fantastic and you've sure got me beat by centuries in the creativity dept!

I want that recipe and your secret kick ingredient. You must have your grandmothers artistic ability for sure.

Don't forget, send me the recipe!