Monday, August 17, 2015

Policemen Kyle & Brett

Kyle made a police car, a gun and tazer. The police car lights up with red and blue lights. This kid is a genius! I told him to invent the folding machine. He said 'mom i would charge $100 bucks for a folding machine." I said that's cheap charging people only 100.  He said, "oh no...I would charge YOU $100 and everyone else a lot more than that!" I said NO you will give me one for free funny boy!"

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Lucky said...

WOW! Where do I begin! They look adorable and yes I think you are on to something because he really concocts things that work and look the part as well. I have a laundry folding board, got it on hsn, if that is what you mean by folding?
Love the kitchen! I bet you do as well... Much more suited for a large family.
Have him invent a maid! That you turn on when needed and fold away in the pantry
when done!