Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aaron's Farewell- Aug 16

Aaron was called to serve in Ghana, Africa! Last week he flew straight to the MTC in Ghana! We are a little nervous for him but at the same time confident that he will be safe and protected there.

During his farewell speech, Aaron expressed that he had a desire to go on a mission to serve the Lord & his fellowmen, and because he was guided by the example of his older brothers who all went on missions. He used his experience at basic training as the theme for his talk. He made several comparisons between one who serves his country at war vs. a missionary serving the Lord in spiritual war. I liked one example he gave of how people in the world are being wounded in the spiritual conflict of life and that he looked forward to helping and serving the people in Ghana. Aaron will be an incredible missionary!!

Also, I finally got to meet Tori, my sweet new sister-in-law for the first time, and the new little additions to the family: Bracken, Izzy, Nicole & Gavin!


The Reese's said...

looks like a fun trip and what a fun experience for him!

Lisa said...

I'm floored that Aaron is going to Ghana, WOW! So far away. He is going to be a great missionary.

Lucky said...

The Lord truly know the inner strength Aaron has and he I'm sure, will forge many lasting and rewarding relationships there!