Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brett 2nd Birthday

Brett turned 2! Our baby boy is growing up! He's truly a wonderful blessing to our family. We just adore him! He is very sweet, always smiling, cute, happy and smart. He echoes whoever is saying the family nightly prayer even when its not his turn. Brett is thrilled to be living life and his brothers and sisters love him so much. He is definitely 'King of the hill here!!'


Lucky said...

THEY are all adorable and Brett does have that "happy baby" aura about him! Wow, the fam looks so dang cute. That cake looks real good, did you make or buy it?
I bet everyone loves the birthdays you put out because they include so much love and joy and giving!

Lucky said...

I thought I left comments? Did none of them come through? I did like 30 LOL

Well the party looks great and the food yummy and the grandkids, adorable!