Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A special red dress, sweaters and Santa

We love Christmas and everything it entails. We get to spend a whole month as family, friends and community celebrating our Lord and Saviors birth. We know that He is God's greatest gift to us, and that all of our greatest gifts come through Christ our Lord and Redeemer. He suffered every affliction so that we may live with him again and be a forever family. This time of year simply, but powerfully brings us closer together and allows us to reflect again upon the Savior's perfect example. We love the peaceful heartwarming feelings we feel. It is the time we become less selfish and more generous, giving warm smiles, hugs and well wishes to all. We think and attend to others in small but special ways. We are a little more kind, loving, and giving. There is laughter, music, well prepared homemade meals, baked goodies and gift exchanges. We count our blessings and witness miracles. It is a time to carry on our old family traditions and begin new ones for our own family. We are filled to the brim with gratitude and take as many opportunities as possible to gather together with family and friends. The decor and beautiful lights remind us of the one true Light of The World, Jesus Christ.

I love the color red, especially this time of year.
My sister Lisa, was able to spend the Christmas holiday with us and it was a real treat having her here. She and I baked, cooked, gift wrapped, talked, laughed, cried, shopped till we dropped, played with the kids, and gabbed on the phone together with family and friends. I hope that she will come back soon because we had so much fun. It is our hope to never be away from each other for the holidays. Words cannot express my appreciation for all of her help with everything. Christmas would not have been the same or possible without her. The boys keep saying, "We have two moms!" Everytime we read scriptures and say family prayers instead of wanting to cuddle up next to me, they want to snuggle with Lisa!

Shane and I enjoyed a Christmas Eve lunch together.
Mom and Dad sent a few special presents early on... We were able to enjoy these gifts before Christmas: a darling little red Christmas dress for Aleah which we LOVE, a Christmas carosaul we all treasure, and a new wolfgang puck breadmaker & recipes which we have savored!


The Linds said...

You guys look great! I'm glad you were able to spend it together and have such a good time. Michelle, your kids are adorable!

The Reese's said...

merry christmas guys! looks like you had so much fun, i often wonder what it would be like to just stay home all day. not worry about meeting up with all the family... anyway, coby and i spent forever trying to tell you and lisa apart in those pictures, it's amazing how much you look alike!

Shannon said...

This looks like a really wonderful Christmas! I love all these adorable photos and captions. Thanks for sharing!!

Lucky said...

Everything looks wonderful, and I remember how scared you two were your first time sitting on Santa's lap..So cute it all was. Love the outfits and looking at these very special pictures of your Christmas Time in Las Cruces.

Sarah Stout said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the holidays with your sister. I bet it really meant a lot to her to be with your kids and to have them love her so much! :) Miss you guys!

P.S. Your pregnant belly looks cute.

Lisa said...

We sure had a lot of fun and there were a lot of special moments. The kids are such a joy to me. I miss them already!!